Materium Technologies

Innovative Materials for Clean Energy Solutions


Research papers related to our work:

Temperature Dependence of Solar Cell Performance —
an Analysis

Priyanka Singh, 
N.M. Ravindra

Optical Properties of Low-Refractive Index Polymers

Airefetalo Sadoh, 
Samiha Hossain,

Sheldon Fereira, 
Nuggehalli M Ravindra

Thermochromic Polymeric Films for Applications in Active
Intelligent Packaging—An Overview

Airefetalo Sadoh,
Samiha Hossain,
Nuggehalli M. Ravindra

Temperature Dependence of CIGS and Perovskite Solar Cell Performance:
an Overview

Leqi Lin,
N. M. Ravindra

Our Team

Materium Technologies is a team of experienced,
highly accomplished individuals dedicated to
building advanced computational tools to optimize
material selection for clean energy applications. 

Scott Daniel

Scott Daniel


Sheldon Fereira


Dr. N.M. Ravindra

Senior Technical Advisor

About Us

Founded in 2023, Materium Technologies is rapidly evolving and growing, refining our advanced machine learning models to optimize material selection for clean energy applications. 


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